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Virgin Mobile Ups Plan Data

Sprint prepaid company Virgin Mobile has been looking pretty sorry of late with outdated plans, old phones and failing stock. Nevertheless, it resembles Sprint

Tips for Creating a Secure Lock Screen

Your phone probably has a great deal of individual info saved on it. From passwords to pictures and even social media accounts which instantly

2015 Moto G Comes to US Celluar

Motorola has really stepped up its video game here just recently first with the line of excellent Moto devices from in 2013 and now

BYO Shutting Down Tomorrow

Prepaid MVNOs come and go nearly as typically as the seasons. Some companies deal with the switch truly well and provide consumers see, refunds

Rogers Shutters First Rewards Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are amazing. Other than when they are not, and Rogers First Rewards program certainly falls in that second classification. Introduced a couple

Opinion: Truly Free is Truly No Fun

Everybody understands that complimentary doesn’t really mean totally free. When an app is free, it usually means one of three things: The app is

Microsoft Patents Electric Shocks As Notification Option

A great deal of the big innovation corporations like Apple, Google or Microsoft have literally countless patents that will certainly never ever see the

Wind Mobile Adds Data Share Option

Canadian wireless carrier Wind Mobile just recently broadened its add-ons to include a brand-new data-share alternative. With this brand-new add-on, clients can share the

When is it Okay to Use Your Phone?

I believe that nearly everyone is guilty of utilizing their phone in a social circumstance. Possibly it was a real emergency or something that

Prepaid Faceoff: Boost Mobile vs. Chit Chat Mobile

VS. With the massive number of prepaid MVNOs and carrier options, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of it all and even harder to