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FAQ: Taming your Android App Drawer

There are more than a million apps readily available on Google Play and probably more than half that lots of apps offered through Amazon’s

Prepaid Faceoff: MetroPCS vs. Cricket Wireless

VS. With the large number of prepaid MVNOs and carrier options, it’s often tough to keep an eye on it all and even harder

Take 50% Off Your First Month with Kitty Wireless

Verizon probably hast the very best network presently so it’s not a surprise that it’s the network everybody concentrates on. We have actually talked

RingPlus Announces New Promo Opening Today

Unsurprisingly, RingPlus has revealed yet another promotion today targeted at new consumers. This little Sprint MVNO has been rolling out a flurry of promos

Sprint to Shutter WiMAX in November

In April, Sprint validated that it would be closing down its WiMAX network in the very first week of November. While Sprint’s WiMAX network

FAQ: What are NFC Chips?

If you have a smartphone, there’s a truly good opportunity that it has an NFC chip. Nevertheless, in spite of the technology being fairly

10 Questions to Ask Before Giving Your Child a Phone

Smartphones are among the most convenient ways to remain in touch with both good friends and household, particularly during the busy academic year and

Wednesday App Review: Godville

When you solve down to it, many fantasy games are essentially the same. You create a hero, go kill stuff and collect loot so

Samsung Creates Clamshell Smartphone

I am relatively convinced that there are 2 type of people in the world: those who such as flip phones and those who such

Puppy Wireless Adds Data to Plan Lineup

Verizon does not actually have all that many MVNOs to keep up with, however one that we don’t discuss an entire lot is Puppy