Apple Unveils New Features on iOS 12 and watchOS 5

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    A new major iOS update will be making its way to Apple devices real soon!

    Earlier today, Apple gave a preview of its latest update called, iOS 12. With this update, Apple plans to improve OS performance across all devices. One way they intend to do this is by improving the speed of keyboard pop-ups and app launches. Apart from these, Apple has unveiled some more improvements that iOS 12 is designed for. These include the following:

    iOS 12 Updates

    App Limits

    App Limits is a new feature available on iOS 12. This feature helps you manage your time and how much you use an app on a single day. Once you have set a limit for a certain app, you will receive an alert from iOS 12 once you are nearing the limit.

    This neat new feature is also suitable for parents who want to set usage limits and content rules on their child’s device. iOS 12 also includes a Downtime feature, which helps block app notifications and certain apps on a set time period.

    Screen Time

    Apple wants to help its users improve digital wellness. One way they have done this is by creating a Screen Time app. What this app does is that it displays important information about your phone usage, apps used, and how often you pick up your device.

    With these information, you can start being more mindful of your usage and learn to control yourself.

    Grouped Notifications

    iOS 12 also comes with improved notifications. To help manage multiple alerts, Apple has released a new feature called Grouped Notifications. With this feature, you can group together notifications by group or app.

    The latest OS update has also made a way for you to have more control over how notifications appear on your phone. You can set up notifications to be delivered quietly. This way, they don’t play a sound or even appear on your lock screen.

    Do Not Disturb

    Apple has also updated its Do Not Disturb feature. With iOS 12, Do Not Disturb feature has been given new options. The new options allow you to automatically end DND feature based on a specific time or when you have left a certain location. There is also a new Do Not Disturb During Bedtime mode, which automatically dims the display on your device and hides alerts until the morning.


    iOS 12 now also brings a faster way to access Siri. Using Shortcuts, you can make the digital assistant perform actions on other apps that you quickly want to access. The new Shortcuts app also lets you build multi-step shortcuts as well.


    After its debut last year, Apple has updated Animoji in iOS 12. The new update now comes with four new characters– a T-Rex, koala, ghost, and a tiger. Apart from these new characters, Animoji now also includes a Memoji, where you can create an Animoji of yourself. Memojis have an option for customizing skin color, adding glasses, changing hair style, adding freckles, and many more.

    Other Updates

    There are also a number of different apps that have received an update with iOS 12. These include the following:

    • CarPlay – now includes third-party navigation support for Google Maps and Waze
    • iBooks – turning into Apple Books plus redesign
    • FaceTime – group chat support for up to 32 participants at a time
    • Photos – now has search suggestions
    • Stocks – includes Apple News integration plus an iPad version 
    • Voice Memos – redesigned with iCloud support

    watchOS 5

    Apple also unveiled watchOS 5 together with iOS 12. The new watchOS 5 update includes a number of features such as a Walkie-Talkie feature, which lets you communicate quickly with other friends wearing an Apple Watch or through Wi-Fi and Cellular. The OS also comes with support for Apple Podcasts so that you can automatically sync new episodes to your watch.
    Another new feature coming to watchOS 5 is support for student ID cards, activity competitions, and auto-workout detection. The OS also lets you interact with third-party apps, which would allow you to modify a reservation with Yelp all from your wristwatch. 
    Along with today’s announcement, Apple has made iOS 12 and watchOS 5 available to registered developers. Both OS updates will be released to the public in the fall. The watchOS 5 will be available to Apple Watch Series 1 and later models.
    Source: TmoNews 
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