Apple Now Offers Next-Day Delivery on iPhone X Orders

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    When Apple debuted the iconic iPhone X back in October, they started to accept pre-orders for the device right then and there. But even those who were among the first to pre-order the device, the iPhone X was not released until November 3rd. What this meant is that people had to wait a few days before they could get their hands on this year’s much-awaited device. And even though the iPhone X has been available for some time now, those who ordered the phone will have to wait a few days or weeks before they could pick it up.

    Fast forward to almost two months and it looks like Apple has finally caught up with the demand of their 10th year flagship smartphone. When you visit the Apple online store in the US, you’ll get to see that all iPhone X models are now enlisted as “in stock.” And the best part about this news is that Apple is already offering next-day delivery for every order! In some stores, same-day pickup is also available.

    Now that Apple has improved its iPhone X stock, we could see the prices of these devices on eBay scalpers go down pretty soon. For a while, these sellers were pricing the device at ridiculously high prices because they had the upper hand. With today’s news, this could change for them. 

    Although the stock of the iPhone X has improved on Apple’s website and retail stores, the same cannot be said true for its AirPods. In fact, if you are looking for a pair of the truly-wireless earbuds, you won’t be able to buy it until next year.

    As it turns out, the AirPods were a popular holiday gift of choice, which led to its supply running out. Even if you head to retailers like Walmart, Adorama, Target, B&H, and Best Buy, you won’t be able to find AirPods anywhere around. These retailers are all waiting on more shipments, which are expected to arrive by January 4th. The same is true with US carriers that carry the earphones.

    So if you have been thinking of getting the iPhone X, now’s your chance to do it. You can head over to Apple’s website so you can pick up a new smartphone and have it delivered to you the next day. Unlocked models are also available so you have a choice to pick out the carrier you like.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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