Analysts Believe Xfinity Mobile Will Have 3.3 Million Customers in Two Years

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    Back in April, Wall Street analysts released a lengthy report on how they believe Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile will grow marginally in the next couple of years. This was further exemplified by another analyst report on how MVNOs owned by cable companies will gain 50% mobile phone additions in the same timeframe. It looks like that Wall Street analysts are now viewing the mobile efforts of these MVNOs as careful instead of being aggressive towards that growth.

    Recently, Comcast reported that Xfinity Mobile gained 204,000 customers in Q2 2018; bringing to a total of 781,000 mobile customers. In the same report, however, the cable company revealed that it spent $ 185 million during the quarter.

    Using these figures, analysts at Oppenheimer foresee that the cable-owned MVNO could increase its customer base to 1.3 million before the year ends. The prediction also included a growth of 2.3 million by 2019 and 3.3 million by 2020.

    Although most analysts looked at Xfinity Mobile’s growth positively, not all showed the same prediction. BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk wrote in a post: “We estimate Comcast’s cumulative cash EBITDA losses from its wireless business have topped $ 1.2 billion since the launch in May of last year, while subscriber growth has stagnated at 200,000 per quarter, below the pace that would enable the company to top the 1 million subscribers additions that investors expected in 2018.”

    Despite this, it’s clear that cable-owned MVNOs are rocking the industry right now. Comcast’s competition in this field, Charter’s Spectrum Mobile, recently entered the smartphone market in June. In addition to this, Altice USA has expressed its plans to venture into mobile and has even talked about their plans and how they don’t intend to lose money in their strategy with their MVNO service.

    With the interest in cable-owned MVNOs, Xfinity Mobile won’t be far from fulfilling the 3.3 million customers that analysts predict the company to grow to by 2020.

    Source: Fierce Wireless

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