10% Off Red Pocket eBay Plans With New Coupon

  • 360 Day Red Pocket Plan SIM Kit

    eBay currently has a coupon that’s good for 10% off items from 111 different sellers that are priced at $ 50 or more.

    The coupon code is PLAYOFFS18. It’s good on items from a variety of sellers including ones specializing in wines, rugs and golf gear. There are also a few mobile oriented ones including Red Pocket Mobile which sells on eBay using the seller ID redpocketstore. That means that most of Red Pocket’s popular multi-month eBay plans are on sale. The following  deals are available:

    360 Day Plans:

    • 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500 MB data per month – regular price $ 60/360 days, with coupon $ 54 ($ 4.50/month).
    • 500 minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB data per month – regular price $ 99/360 days, with coupon $ 89.10 ($ 7.43/month).
    • 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1 GB data per month – regular price $ 179/360 days, with coupon $ 161.10 ($ 13.25/month).
    • Unlimited minutes,  unlimited texts and 1 GB of  data per month – regular price $ 205/360 days, with coupon $ 184.50 ($ 15.38/month).
    • Unlimited minutes, texts and 4 GB of data per month – regular price $ 360/360 days, with coupon $ 324 ($ 27/month).
    90 Day Plans:
    • Unlimited minutes,  unlimited texts and 1 GB of  data per month – regular price $ 69/360 days, with coupon $ 62.10 ($ 20.70/month).
    • Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 4 GB of data per month – regular price $ 109/360 days, with coupon $ 98.10 ($ 32.70/month).

      The plans are available on your choice of Red Pocket’s four networks. They come with SIMs for GSMA (AT&T), GSMT (T-Mobile) and CDMA (Verizon). For CDMAS (Sprint) you need to use the SIM that should have come with your Sprint phone. Shipping is free.

      As you probably noticed, Red Pocket’s eBay plans are now based on a 30 day month rather than a calendar month. That means plans no longer renew on the same day each month and the 12 month plans are now 360 days instead of a full year. Not a big deal but something you need keep in mind when tracking usage and renewal dates.

      The eBay PLAYOFFS18 coupon is good until 8:00 AM PST, January 15 on items priced at $ 50 or more. The maximum discount per customer is $ 100.

      Sources: eBay and redpocketstore on eBay via HowardForums

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